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We tell stories with heart.

Life is a collection of moments

We strive not only to record your fondest memories;

but also to express your personalities,

emotions and relationships

as best we can through our imagery.

Relaxed, Candid, Natural.

We use a documentary style approach

We capture moments as they happen, like flies on a wall

If you do feel the need for some direction, we are there to help

without taking you outside your comfort zone.

We don't believe in trying to construct a faux fashion shoot.

We can assist you with cues,
and gentle prompting

This method allows us to capture the real you,

in a natural moment with genuine emotions-

adding just enough direction to make you feel at ease.

We celebrate light.

You can never underestimate the power of natural light

Be it window light, sunset, dusk, moonlight, silhouettes

or creative shadows...

We bring enough gear to take great photos in any challenging reception or ceremony venue;

But the magic really happens just before the sun goes down.

We really encourage you to allow ample time in the evening during golden hour to take advantage of that afternoon glow.

These are the images that will sparkle and wow you the most.

We love to document your mischief!

Because the best part of the job
is watching you have fun

Your wedding day is probably the best party you will ever attend,

surrounded by all your favourite people.

Our aim is for you to feel so comfortable around us,

that we never miss a moment of your joy.

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